apart from finding heirs and securing their rights at court with the help of the documentation based on our reseach, we also offer to act as executing administrator of the estate. this involves initially to identify all the items that the estate comprises. items like juwlery, rights or real estate are generally speaking sold and the proceeds are credited to the account. once all outstanding claims have been checked and settled the account is closed and we distribute all monies to the heirs. at this point we receive our fee. the distribution is strictly accomplised according to the quota that the court decided (and based on the rules that govern inheritance rights).

we occasionally have estates where the distribution of the assets cannot be completed in part or in total because certain assets need to be sold. for example there may be financial titles or real estate. sometimes there are bank accounts which can’t be closed on short notice or some other assets for which a buyer needs to be found. a payment to heirs is made whenever a substancial part of the estate is ready for distribution.

we inform the heirs whenever we need to sell real estate. we advise on the prospects and ask each heir for their consent in writing before we agree to vending the property. regress claims by heirs are prevented as the heirs are asked to participate in the decision making of selling valuable assets.

occasionally an heir wishes to obtain a certain object which belongs to an estate (e.g. jewellery). in such cases the corresponding value of the object is determined in an objective manner and then deducted from the monies that the receiving heir is entitled to.